The digital world is getting busier and more competitive as more businesses embark on or accelerate their online efforts. With new norms here to stay, it is important to keep customers engaged in order to remain relevant.

Online customer experience has never been more important. 

Creating positive experiences for your customers during their online journey can separate you from the crowd and build brand loyalty. At ENGAGE – we provide you with the platform and the right people to stay connected with your customers.

“79% of visitors admitted to having a quick response to their queries and 46% considers the live chat service as the best communicative practice based on its proficiency.”

Amritpal Dhangal – COO, Acquire™

Benefits for Brands and Companies

Obtain Customer insights – monthly reporting & analytics

Reach out proactively to your customers with relevant promotions/offers

Identify upselling & cross selling opportunities during the interaction

Increase membership database

Drive online traffic to physical stores

Benefits for Website Visitors

Easy access to real-time support

Stress-free online shopping experience

Connect using their preferred mode – live messaging, voice, video

Co-browse allows enhanced level of support for customers who need it

Receive relevant product recommendations and advise

Connect on-the-move in 3 ways

Prices start from *$950
per month

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